Just breathe, this is only temporary.
- Six Word Poem (via splitterherzen)
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my anaconda don’t



I just reached 1,000 followers! So I decided to do a giveaway of a custom choker like the ones i sell in my shop

The winner will get to pick whatever ribbon color & crystal they like!


- Reblogs count as entries, not likes! Reblog as many times as you want.

- Must be 18 or have parents permission etc etc

- No giveaway blogs

- Giveaway is international!

- Giveaway will end on October 9th

- I will pick a random winner & message them so be sure i can access your ask box or I will pick someone else!

- If winner doesn’t respond within 3 days, I will pick another winner.

Okay I think that is it. Reblog away & good luck! 



oh dear…

are you f u  c k i ng serious 

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YeEun (Wonder Girls) - KWave Magazine Pics

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all my favorite 30 rock episodes || season 1 episode 12 “black tie”

"what’s the difference between your mom and a washing machine? when i drop a load in a washing machine it doesn’t follow me around for a week"


Adapted sketchbook doodle since their tour is going to be the best thing in the world. 


Nicole Linkletter test shot

~ America (5) ~

by Farhad Samari 

@chordover I hit the snooze for sure